Let ‘s talk about the Love of God through His only son Jesus Christ.

3 January 2021 Off By Webmaster

Genesis: 1: 26 John 1

Heaven stood to create man God by creating all things, he used the word but through love he created man by his likeness. He created all things before man came to be in abundance. Sin is not what is achieved but what springs up in the heart of man. Man is not happy with what God has formed for him, today many people transform themselves according to desire by underestimating the work of their creator. Despite the fall of man, God continued to manifest his love for his people by sending prophets to announce his covenant which is Christ so that man recovers friendship with his creator. Christ became the lamb slain so that we could be saved.

The preacher of the day insisted on telling Christians that this year of 2021 is a year of knowing the Great immense love of Jesus Christ and to remain so will be the year of grace and goodness.