Descent of evangelization in the Rohero Zone in the capital of Bujumbura by the Youth of God’s Miracle Church.

13 November 2020 Off By Webmaster

Topic of the Day: A heart of awakening.

The work of God continues to be carried out by the youth of the Church where this Friday was in the Biblical group of ESTA in the ROHERO zone of the capital Bujumbura. The preacher of the Day was the young person who answers to the name of Lionel.

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Biblical passage:

Psalm 50: 5
Zephaniah 1: 7-8
Roman 12: 1-2
Luke 9: 59-60

Sacrifice is an alliance between God and man.
So the youth must have a commitment with God to realize the divine will.
In life, young people are looking to be used by 2 people who are God and Satan but it is up to them to choose it because God has given them the choice in everything they do.
The life of a youth is a difficult life to manage because she wants to live in everything she is to desire so she wants to manifest the glory of God and the desire of the flesh is there because she says to herself that everything is allowed , although not everything is useful; everything is allowed, although everything does not edify.
So she takes advantage of it in spite of that, but all life without sacrifice cannot be accessed.
But in all our satisfaction of the flesh, God wants us to be able to give up everything for him because JESUS ​​CHRIST told us that if someone wants to follow me that he carries his own cross then that is the heart of revival c is to have the same style of life as CHRIST, it is to accept to suffer at the same time as him
There is the difference between being saved and being a Christian often we believe that to be saved is to be a Christian but it’s not quite the truth.

N.B: To be saved is to confess in order to receive salvation, but Christianity is the life of consecration.
This is not for the youth only but it is for the whole church of CHRIST.