Speech Of Declaration

28 February 2021 Off By Webmaster

With Senior Pastor Ildéphonse MANIRAKIZA

Mathieu: 15: 13
He answered them:
“Any plant that my Heavenly Father has not planted himself will be pulled up.”

I declare in the name of JESUS CHRIST that GOD plucks up all things that Satan has planted in your life during this week, I again declare that GOD plants his life in your life so that you manifest it during this new week.

We then followed the preaching of Mr. Deacon ISENGE BAUDOUIN with the Theme: “If you do not know the one you are asking for, your request is misdirected and you are delayed in it.”

Biblical passage

John: 4: 5-26
1Kings: 17: 8-16
Roman: 8: 6-8


We ask badly because we do not know the one we ask for, the effect of not knowing the one we ask for, we are at the point of wasting our time in vanity.

Before asking for what we need, we must first accept Jesus Christ as our only King and Savior of our life by creating intimacy with He who knows what we desire and He prays for us, but he cannot pray for what does not know him, which is why we must accept him as the savior of our life.