Prayer group of Christians in different districts of the Capital because this is the time when Christians have to wage a hard war with Satan.

31 October 2020 Off By Webmaster

God’s Miracle Church made a visit to the Christians of CARAMA Hill of the Kinama Zone where they were gathered in a prayer group every Tuesday. They understood that nowadays it is the time when it is necessary to pray a lot because Satan does not sleep but he is awake to hurt the children of God.

This Tuesday, October 27, 2020, the Legal Representative of God’s Miracle Church and Pastor MANIRAKIZA Ildéphonse had in this place.

Pastor MANIRAKIZA Ildéphone had the opportunity to share the word of God with this people of God where the Theme was: “EVERYTHING COMES FROM PRAYER”, reading ACTS OF THE APOSTLES 16:25 “Towards the middle of the night Paul and Silas prayed and sang the praises of God, and the prisoners heard them. “

The pastor showed these Christians how Paul and Silas were humiliated in front of the people but they did not stop praying and singing and behold their help came from Heaven.

Prayer is the only way that can save us and lead us to success in everything.